Get Fitness Supplement will give the right information to the users about the health supplements in different categories. We have to gather real details from various sources that are put together to create positive reviews. We believe in maintaining the privacy part where the information on our website will not leak to outer world or third party. We take the best care of your private needs without disclosing it to some other people. All the information is adequately secured which are collected for the customers.

Collected information is also used to answer the queries asked by the clients like email addresses and how we can make the site famous by updating the correct information that will catch the readers along with customers. We also send emails to our registered customers about the new product along with the offers and information attached to them. We update from time to time about the latest product which was launched by our company for our esteemed clients.

We have servers and databases which are adequately secured in nature that will not leak information to the outer world. We have dedicated staff that will keep your data safe. We will help the person who wants to avail our services by responding them through the mail or by the message. We take right measures in safeguarding your private information. We keep the details about the customer’s safe and secure in online and offline mode. Our readers and customers much appreciate all the services of our company. Visit our websites to get the details about the services.

How we collect the information?

We collect the information’s through

  • Registration form filled up by the users on the website.
  • Information provided by the users when they are about to purchase any products.
  • Information provided by the users through emails and direct calls.
  • Information provided by the users in chat sessions.

We are not responsible for collecting the data through the third party or using the data from other sites which are directly connected to our website.

How do we use information?

We use information in many ways, which will cover down

  • We provide the latest news about our products and services through the website in online and offline mode.
  • We encourage users to take part in prize promotions along with receiving prizes from our company or by the third party.
  • We provide up to date information on the website that will give shopping experience with the site.
  • We provide latest and up to date information about the products and services launched recently and the discounts and offers attached to that.

How do we protect our information?

Our company ensures safety and security measures when you are about to place an order for the products by disclosing personal information. We use the secure server when the information is provided by you while taking up the products. These servers will lock your information confidentially without leaking to outside world. We are having the full right to disclose the data to the outer world when we think this is the right to conduct that all things are going legally and lawfully.


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